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Sunday, July 24th, 2016

The rise of the miserable Canadian homeowner – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

ROB CARRICK – The Globe and Mail Consider the financial misery factor before you buy a house. That’s where the constraints of paying a mortgage and all the other usual costs of living leave you feeling frustrated and unhappy about your finances. Even real estate agents concede that such a phenomenon exists. “It’s been disturbing to watch […]

Flaherty’s decision to intervene in mortgage war raises questions

Flaherty’s decision to intervene in mortgage war raises question Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has pressed Manulife Bank into reversing a mortgage-rate cut, underscoring the government’s determination to prevent lenders from stoking the housing market at a time of soaring consumer debt. Mr. Flaherty instructed one of his officials to call Manulife on Monday night and […]

Ottawa’s spotlight has Manulife rethinking its bank

TARA PERKINS — FINANCIAL SERVICES REPORTER Ottawa’s efforts to rein in the mortgage market are forcing Manulife Financial Corp. (MFC-T11.23-0.14-1.23%) to re-evaluate its fast-growing bank, making it the first financial institution to say that it intends to move toward tighter lending to consumers in response. Manulife Bank, which allows consumers to run all of their banking, such as savings, […]

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