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Thursday, July 7th, 2022

We’re paying off mortgages faster than thought

TORONTO – A new report suggests that Canadian homeowners are paying down their mortgages faster than they’re being given credit for. CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal says homeowners are taking advantage of record-low interest rates to accelerate their mortgage payments, and shorten their amortization periods. The CIBC World Markets study says that homeowners are […]

How to make Canada’s low inflation work for your money – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

ROB CARRICK–  The Globe and Mail The economic situation today is as good as it gets for your household finances. Inflation’s low at just a bit above 1 per cent and wage increases average about 2 per cent. “Statistically speaking, we’re doing better,” said Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC World Markets. “But don’t […]

Women the new ‘wildcard’ in the condo market – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Megan Vickell is a new brand of condominium owner that people predicting a market crash may have forgotten to factor in. She’s young, single and ready to buy her first home. And, more importantly, she’s female — part of a growing demographic that just might be creating a new paradigm in the housing sector. A […]

The rise of the miserable Canadian homeowner – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

ROB CARRICK – The Globe and Mail Consider the financial misery factor before you buy a house. That’s where the constraints of paying a mortgage and all the other usual costs of living leave you feeling frustrated and unhappy about your finances. Even real estate agents concede that such a phenomenon exists. “It’s been disturbing to watch […]

More Canadians in debt, making lower monthly payments poll finds – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

By: Linda Nguyen The Canadian Press A new poll suggests that more Canadians are in debt this year and taking longer to settle their accounts. The study released Wednesday by the Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) found that 83 per cent of Canadians surveyed admit to having some form of debt, an increase from 74 per cent a […]

Not asking this mortgage question could cost you thousands – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

 DIANNE NICE – The Globe and Mail Want a mortgage rate lower than those advertised by lenders? Ask and you shall receive.   In a Globe and Mail survey of more than 300 mortgage holders, 82 per cent said they were able to get a rate better than the lender’s official posted number when they last negotiated their […]

Young families looking to lock in long-term – Consult with your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

By Donald Horne Brokers, it may be time to check in with those young clients you helped into a condo five years ago. Dollars to donuts, they’re now looking for houses and the kind of long-term mortgage that spells big bucks for brokers. “They are telling me they want a 5-, 7- or even 10-year fixed […]

Vast majority now favour fixed-rate mortgages – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

While it looks like interest rates will remain low for some time, there has been a large swing from variable to fixed-rate mortgages over the past year, says a new report by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. CAAMP’s annual report on the state of the residential mortgage market, released Monday, suggests that 79 […]

Canadian wage gains outpace inflation

ORA MORISON The Globe and Mail On average, Canadians brought home more cash in May, and earnings continued to grow faster than inflation. Statistics Canada reported Thursday that average weekly earnings crept up 0.5 per cent in May compared with April, and that gains were felt in all provinces. The average worker made $894.61 per week — […]

Mortgages: Nail the right term length the first time

Canadian Mortgage Trends editor Robert McLister kicks off his first in a weekly series of columns for the month for The Globe’s Home Buying sitewith this look on the best – and worst – mortgages terms out there. Finding a good mortgage rate online is a cinch. Anyone who has ever looked for rate comparison sites knows […]

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