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Saturday, June 18th, 2022

Residential, non-residential construction activity in Canada to diverge in 2017

In its latest outlook, The Conference Board of Canada stated that residential starts and non-residential construction in Canada will see notable deviations from each other in 2017, with the former slowing down and the latter exhibiting stronger activity. “Not only is the residential construction industry seeing a downturn in housing starts, spending on home renovations […]

First-time homebuyers are feeling the weight of Canada’s housing boom

Many times over the last few years, John Norquay has been stricken with pangs of anxiety over not being a homeowner. Should you rent or own your home? Bank of CanadaPeople say that when you grow up, you buy a home. But owning doesn’t make sense for everyone and in some cases, it might be […]

Pockets of risk in Canada’s condo market but don’t expect a crash, Conference Board report says

Pockets of risk continue to exist in the condominium markets of Toronto and Vancouver, but a broad-based downturn is unlikely, according to the latest Conference Board of Canada condo report commissioned by Genworth Canada. Genworth is the largest private mortgage insurer in Canada. Toronto’s condo market is expected to “cool slightly but avoid the collapse […]

No collapse in Canada’s condo market, but not much growth either – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

The report is sponsored by Canada’s largest private mortgage default insurer but it shows a relatively flat condo market in Canada’s eight largest market for high rises. Leaving the city (and the big mortgage) behind Many couples, stunned by the value of their homes in Canadian urban centers like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, are pondering […]

What bubble? Canadians have their mortgage covered, study shows – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

A new Conference Board of Canada study says there’s no housing bubble about to burst and maintains Canadian are having no trouble handling their debt even as it sits close to record levels. ‘Every man for himself’: Homebuyers’ top 5 bidding war stories One in three Canadians are willing to enter into a bidding war […]

No ugly downturn for condo market, even in Toronto: Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

TARA PERKINS – REAL ESTATE REPORTER The Globe and Mail A new report from the Conference Board of Canada predicts that the much-watched condo sector will avoid an ugly downturn, even in Toronto. Economists and policy-makers are keeping a close eye on condos, especially in the country’s most populous city, where cranes dot the sky. A […]

Flaherty’s decision to intervene in mortgage war raises questions

Flaherty’s decision to intervene in mortgage war raises question Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has pressed Manulife Bank into reversing a mortgage-rate cut, underscoring the government’s determination to prevent lenders from stoking the housing market at a time of soaring consumer debt. Mr. Flaherty instructed one of his officials to call Manulife on Monday night and […]

Aging Boomers spur housing needs by 2030

Garry Marr Sep 8, 2011 A new study from the Conference Board of Canada predicts that by 2030 about 80% of new housing demand will be consumers in their golden years. It will bring a new wave of homes that are very low maintenance, like condominiums or seniors residences. At the same time the shift […]