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Monday, September 18th, 2023

One way to lose money even when you’ve made 5000% on your home

Joe and his wife are both 84. They bought their house in 1956 for $14,000. Demand for their almost 60-year-old bungalow in midtown Toronto is strong. A week never goes by without some realtor or developer knocking on the door or leaving a note asking the couple to sell. The cold calls offer a dazzling […]

From $99,999 to $1-million plus: Here’s what Canadians can buy in Florida real estate

September 19, 2014 by  
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Lured by bargain prices, Canadians spent $2.2-billion on Florida property last year, making them the state’s No. 1 foreign buyer of real estate. Half of all Canadian buyers, most of them paying cash, spent less than US$200,000 — about half the average sale price of a home here last month. Only 16% of Canadians paid […]

5 tips for a safe ‘open house’ event – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

(NC)—Hosting an ‘open house’ is an effective real estate sales tool that your agent will likely recommend, but how can you be sure your security will be kept in check? “Ask your Realtor questions about how to prepare for visitors,” says Carla Bouchard, a broker with Royal LePage Metro. “Make sure that you understand what […]

Six real estate myths debunked – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

  Ann Hannah, Don R. Campbell and Ron Abraham By Toby Welch “There are so many real estate myths out there that people take as being the gospel,” says Ron Abraham, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. REM recently asked three people in the industry about some of these real estate perceptions. 1. Houses […]

Canadian buyers face more competition as U.S. housing recovers

House prices in the U.S. are showing fresh signs of improvement, and market-watchers say the window of opportunity could be closing for bargain-hunting Canadians eyeing potential investment or getaway properties. As economic collapses go, the U.S. housing implosion ranks among the very biggest. As many as four million families lost their homes in a foreclosure […]

Single ladies hooking up with homes

For an increasing number of women, there’s no better commitment than home ownership.Women may be putting off marriage, but they aren’t putting off what is usually a person’s single biggest purchase of their life. Gone are the days when a single woman would wait to find a significant other before laying down money on a […]