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Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Where to buy now- We tell you exactly which neighbourhoods are set to skyrocket in value.

“Double, double, toil and trouble.” Written over 400 years ago by the Bard, this phrase from Shakespeare’s infamously dark play, Macbeth, could just as easily describe Canada’s real estate market in recent years. On one side, there are international economists—and their much publicized reports—declaring the market to be overvalued and due for a sudden, corrective […]

Balancing financial priorities as parents – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

By Gail Vaz-Oxlade | MoneySense Where to draw the line between providing for your children and saving for your own retirement. Remember the line in Spiderman where Aunt May says, “You do too much…you’re not Superman, you know?” Some parents think they’re Superman. Determined to set their children off on the right foot, they commit buckets of money to helping […]

Check owner-to-renter ratio when buying a condo

Buying a house is a big learning experience for most of us, since we do it infrequently. Buying a condo presents even more challenges. I always advise people to do lots of research, talk to neighbours and check the minutes of the condo board meetings. Don’t make an impulse purchase, as Jody White described doing […]

MoneySense – Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011

MoneySense has released its Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011 list. Click here to see how your town stacks up.     Overall rank City Prov. Weather Affordable housing Household income Discretionary income New cars on road Job prospects Population growth Access to health care Low crime rate Walk/bike to work ▲ 1 Ottawa-Gatineau ON 58 […]

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