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Friday, July 8th, 2022

Monster May for housing sales doesn’t mean the market won’t slow – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

May was a phenomenal month for existing homes sales across the country but the jump in activity might say more about the harsh winter than the state of the market. Calgary’s housing market making a dramatic comeback The Calgary housing market is so hot that an economist reported Tuesday that only 15 condominiums in the […]

Re/Max forecasts ‘exceptionally healthy’ real estate market in 2014

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Canada can expect an “exceptionally healthy” housing market in 2014 thanks to improvements in the overall economy that helped produce a surge in the latter half of this year, a leading real estate group said Wednesday. Can’t afford Canadian property? Downsize your home, upsize your storage locker With the condo market in […]

Where to buy now- We tell you exactly which neighbourhoods are set to skyrocket in value.

“Double, double, toil and trouble.” Written over 400 years ago by the Bard, this phrase from Shakespeare’s infamously dark play, Macbeth, could just as easily describe Canada’s real estate market in recent years. On one side, there are international economists—and their much publicized reports—declaring the market to be overvalued and due for a sudden, corrective […]