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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Canada may need tougher rules to slow overvalued housing market, IMF warns

Canada may need tougher rules to slow gains in the housing market, the International Monetary Fund said. Millennials lured by lengthy stretch of low rates spur Canada’s condo boom at their peril Experts warn of danger ahead when these young people, who have no experience in interest rate shocks, face a spike in mortgage payments. […]

The rising tide of home ownership may have finally met its match – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Maybe there is one temptation out there to get Canadians to stop buying homes. Cheaper rent. Women the new ‘wildcard’ in the condo market The growing number of women buying condos might be creating a paradigm shift in the industry that planners didn’t expect. Find out more Anyone sitting on the sidelines considering whether to buy […]