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Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Scotiabank’s Porter Calls Canada Bubble Fears Overblown – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Canadian concerns about a housing bubble are overblown in a country where credit growth is modest and the job market is stable, says Bank of Nova Scotia Chief Executive Officer Brian Porter. “Bubble is perhaps the most overused word since the global financial crisis,” Porter said in an interview yesterday in Washington, referring to Canada’s […]

Canada may need tougher rules to slow overvalued housing market, IMF warns

Canada may need tougher rules to slow gains in the housing market, the International Monetary Fund said. Millennials lured by lengthy stretch of low rates spur Canada’s condo boom at their peril Experts warn of danger ahead when these young people, who have no experience in interest rate shocks, face a spike in mortgage payments. […]

Is Canada in a bubble? Housing experts face off

Welcome to the Great Debate. Each month, Globe Investor will invite two experts to debate one of the big questions facing the business and investing world. This month, we look at whether Canada is experiencing a housing bubble. Today, our debaters present their opening arguments defending and opposing the motion: Canada is experiencing a housing bubble. […]

Home ownership becoming more affordable despite rising debt

By Julian Beltrame OTTAWA—Despite ongoing concerns about household debt, home ownership is becoming more affordable in Canada, not less, says new research by the Royal Bank. RBC’s latest report says home affordability actually improved in the final months of 2011 for the second consecutive quarter, thanks to softening house prices and income gains. Owning a […]

Greece edges closer to debt deal

Greece saw investors’ participation in a massive debt relief deal rise on Wednesday, bringing the country closer to avoiding a default that would plunge it into financial chaos and re-ignite the European debt crisis. About 24 hours before the deadline for acceptances, investors owning around half of Greece’s privately held debt had committed publicly to […]

No housing crash for Canada: BMO

Canada will likely avoid a crash or serious correction in its “somewhat pricey” housing market, with the possible exception of Vancouver, says a new paper from Bank of Montreal. The analysis by BMO economists suggests alarms about Canada’s housing market by international observers, from the International Monetary Fund to The Economist magazine, are exaggerated or […]

Canadians’ household debt raises eyebrows at IMF

KEVIN CARMICHAEL The International Monetary Fund isn’t totally convinced that Canadian authorities have a handle on the risks building up in the housing market. “Developments on the housing front require increased vigilance, and consideration may need to be given to additional prudential measures to prevent a further buildup in household debt,” the Washington-based IMF says […]

Canadian economy still near the top of G7

Canadian economy still near the top of G7 OTTAWA – Canada will continue to outperform most economically advanced countries over the next two years, even as the pace slows and risks mount, the IMF says. The International Monetary Fund’s latest forecast presents Canada as a relative sea of tranquility amid rising global turbulence from European […]