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Thursday, December 26th, 2019

How to make money investing in real estate – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Rob Thompson,Special to Financial Post |  This article appears in the September edition of the Financial Post Magazine. Visit the iTunes store to download the iPad edition of this month’s issue. Don Campbell thinks everyone should consider real estate. Of course, you’d expect him to think that given his firm has advised clients on real estate purchases of […]

Why TD’s Ed Clark says Canada isn’t heading for a U.S.-style housing bust – Adil Virani Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Toronto-Dominion Bank has just come off one of its most profitable years ever. Its shares have nearly regained the ground they lost in the financial crisis and the country’s second-biggest bank is riding high on the Canadian consumer’s apparently insatiable appetite for debt. But how much longer can it go on? TD chief executive Ed […]

Why CIBC’s Mortgage Growth Has Stalled

The Financial Post ran astory this week suggesting that CIBC is retreating from consumer lending due to risk concerns. That was likely a stretch. The article was based primarily on one data point, percentage change in mortgage and household lending. Since CIBC has near-0% volume growth in the first five months of 2012—whereas the other Big 6 banks […]

Why smaller down payments can lead to better mortgage rates

It doesn’t make much sense, but a skimpy down payment on a home might actually get you a better mortgage rate in today’s market. Blame the government subsidy known as mortgage default insurance, which ultimately makes it less risky to lend money to someone who has only 5% down compared to someone with 20%. Consumers […]

CMHC backing fewer loans

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. is cutting back on mortgages it insures as the Crown corporation edges closer to a $600-billion cap imposed on it by the federal government, the Financial Post has learned. A CMHC spokesman confirmed that it had approached a number of lenders at the end of 2011 about reducing its “bulk or portfolio […]

Smith Manoeuvre is alive and well

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onathan Chevreau, Financial Post Oct. 5, 2011 While the creator of the eponymous Smith Manoeuvre, Fraser Smith, is sadly no longer with us, the tax-savings movement he spawned is very much alive and well in Canada. Born in 1938, Smith died of cancer on Sept. 25 at age 74. His “manoeuvre” was and is a […]

Garry Marr, Financial Post · Aug. 23, 2011 | Everybody loves a deal and the best way to find one is to demand one. If you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly expenses, imagine being able to accomplish that without giving up a thing. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking up the phone and […]

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