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Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Laurentian Closes Mobile Rep Operation – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Laurentian Closes Mobile Rep Operation Some banks, like CIBC, have been on a hiring spree when it comes to mortgage reps. Not Laurentian Bank. It’s going the other way. “We have announced [Wednesday] that Laurentian Bank had decided to no longer offer residential mortgage loans through an internal team of mobile advisors,” said a spokesperson. […]

Why CIBC’s Mortgage Growth Has Stalled

The Financial Post ran astory this week suggesting that CIBC is retreating from consumer lending due to risk concerns. That was likely a stretch. The article was based primarily on one data point, percentage change in mortgage and household lending. Since CIBC has near-0% volume growth in the first five months of 2012—whereas the other Big 6 banks […]

The BoC’s Coté On Risk & Household Debt

The BoC’s Coté On Risk & Household Debt Since the credit crisis, theBank of Canada has stepped up efforts to quantify the risk lurking in our financial system. Deputy Bank GovernorAgathe Côté spoke about this Tuesday. She explained how the BoC models risks and provided the following factoids on Canadians’ debt exposure. She said: “…While record-low interest rates in […]

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