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Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

In Canada’s housing market here’s what $500 K buys: A lake in Edmonton … a condo in Toronto – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

The Canadian Real Estate Association has predicted that the national average price for a home will be $391,000 this year. But it’s hard to compare how far your buck will go in Canadian cities using that figure, since the average prices at year’s end are so very different: $785,574 in Vancouver and $320,693 in Montreal, […]

Demand for luxury homes still strong in Canada, real estate company says – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

The luxury end of the Canadian housing market shows no signs of slowing down, at least according to one real estate company. Re/Max surveyed 16 Canadian markets and found sales of what it calls “upper end homes” higher in 75% of those markets. Vancouver, the priciest market in the country, saw an increase of 36% […]

New investment hot spots emerge

Two B.C. cities are tops on a list of Canada’s investment hot spots, according to a recent report from Business Review Canada. The review broke down Canada’s regional economies by province, and then dug deeper to find emerging markets in small to mid-size communities ripe with opportunity for investors. When the dust had settled, the […]

Canada’s Top 50 Rental Markets

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s latest survey of Canada’s rental markets yields some surprising finds and some long-term winners. And, as Peter Mithamdiscovers, rental housing is a hot topic across Canada as house prices rise above what many people can afford, prompting first-time homebuyers to defer a purchase. Add in economic uncertainties, and both tenants and […]

Canadian home prices resilient in third quarter

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Toronto— The Canadian Press Royal LePage says home prices remained unexpectedly resilient across Canada‘s housing market in the third quarter, but the overall strength is concealing signs of moderation in some regions. In its House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast, Royal LePage says that Canada’s residential real estate market benefited from very low interest rates and a […]

Ottawa chastised for handling of TFSA tax rules

The Canada Revenue Agency should have been more active in fulfilling its responsibility of letting Canadians know the tax consequences of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), says a new report from the federalTaxpayers’ Ombudsman. Although the rules regarding withdrawals and over-contributions were available on the CRA’s website from the start of the program, the report released Monday said the […]

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