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Saturday, October 7th, 2023

How a homebuyers’ ‘bellwether’ is buoying optimism in Canada’s housing market

Genworth MI Canada Inc. and Home Capital Group Inc. reported profits that beat analysts’ estimates as low interest rates drive demand for Canadian homes. More than half of Canadians in a new survey are putting extra effort into repaying their mortgages — saving tens of thousands in interest payments. Find out more Genworth, the country’s […]

Updates on Stated Income & Second Home Programs – Consult with Vancouver Mortgage Broker

CMHC surprised the market last week by eliminating its insuredsecond home andstated incomeprograms. Many believed that the Department of Finance (DoF) had something to do with it. We asked the DoF directly. Here’s what they told us: “CMHC’s decision to discontinue its Second Home and Self-Employed Without 3rd Party Income Validation mortgage insurance products (both high and low […]

No collapse in Canada’s condo market, but not much growth either – Consult with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

The report is sponsored by Canada’s largest private mortgage default insurer but it shows a relatively flat condo market in Canada’s eight largest market for high rises. Leaving the city (and the big mortgage) behind Many couples, stunned by the value of their homes in Canadian urban centers like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, are pondering […]

Noose Tightens for Potential Homebuyers Standing on Edge – Find a trusted mortgage broker in Vancouver

Noose Tightens for Potential Homebuyers Standing on Edge Anyone who has worked in the real estate business knows how important first time buyers are for residential real estate prices; this includes your trusted mortgage broker in Vancouver. The fact is, new buyers make up a substantial volume of the water on which home prices float. […]

Hurdles Rise for Entry-Level Buyers

Residential real estate relies on first-time buyers, like McDonalds relies on kids loving hamburgers. We need constant demand from young people to keep home prices on the incline. So what happens when it gets harder for fledgling buyers to qualify for the same priced house? With other things equal, prices should drop to meet that new […]

Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker for Latest Insurance Trends

Mortgage Insurance Trends For those interested in how the mortgage industry works, you could always ask a Vancouver mortgage broker. Otherwise, you might want to check out the quarterly reports and earnings calls for Genworth MI Canada. According to Genworth, new government restrictions will have an impact on the mortgage insurance market; the market will […]