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Monday, July 25th, 2016

Low interest rate party may be ending – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Watch the bond market and QE moves for early warnings that interest rates will start to rise in Canada. By: Gordon Pape Building Wealth, Published on Sun Jun 23 2013 The interest rate party for borrowers is almost over. After almost five years of historically low rates, we’ve started to see some upward movement in the cost of […]

Why Canadian mortgage rates are on a roller coaster

If there’s one question being kicked around the barbecue more than any other this summer, it’s probably this: should I lock in my variable rate mortgage? But with interest rates bouncing around, to the point where they make a mortgage-rate chart look more like the diagram of a rollercoaster, homeowners can be forgiven if they […]

Surprise: Low interest rates seen sticking around

Interest rates have recently being going somewhere unexpected: down. At their trough last week, the yields on 10-year U.S. Treasuries, the benchmark North American rate, touched 3.11 per cent, the lowest level in six months and more than half a percentage point below their February peak. Yields on 10-year Government of Canada bonds have fallen, […]

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