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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Rent-to-own works, but beware the pitfalls – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Renting to own a house can be a very effective way for a buyer without enough of a down payment to buy a home. But do your homework. By: Mark Weisleder Real Estate The concept of rent-to-own can be a very effective way for a home buyer who does not have enough of a down payment, or […]

Rent-to-own site skirts around broker regulations

A handful of con artists misusing the rent-to-own model are increasingly running afoul of provincial mortgage broker legislation, claiming they can arrange home loans without broker accreditation. “Unfortunately it is not uncommon,” CAAMP CEO and President Jim Murphy told “It is the second or third source of complaints in Ontario (unlicensed activity). It sends […]

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