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Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The ultimate mortgage checklist: How to get the best possible deal – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

ROBERT MCLISTER – Special to The Globe and Mail These questions will help you snare the most feature-rich mortgage possible, at a rate that’s better than average The lowest possible rate is how many define a good mortgage. But that’s like judging the “best car” by the one with the lowest monthly payment. Anyone who’s had to […]

TD Joins RBC in Raising Fixed Rates – Ask Adil Virani – Vancouver Mortgage Broker

TD Joins RBC in Raising Fixed Rates  By Rob McLister, Editor,” After cutting advertised rateslast week, TD Canada Trust has followed RBC’s leadin lifting rates back up. Like RBC, TD is raising its advertised: 4-year fixed …by 10 bps to 3.09% 5-year fixed …by 20 bps to 3.29% These changes take effect Tuesday, June 11. And if history is a guide, they’ll likely be matched by […]

RBC Boosts Fixed Mortgage Rates

Fixed rates are on the rise, following a dramatic 35 basis point rebound in the 5-year bond yield (which leads 5-year fixed rates). RBC has announced rate increases ranging from 0.10 percentage points on a 1-year fixed to 0.15 on a 5-year fixed. The changes take effect tomorrow. This doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. Today’s move means […]