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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

More self-employed hitting mortgage wall because of recent rule changes

For years, most of Marg Green’s self-employed clients could count on getting a mortgage on the strength of their credit score, and on their word that they were earning enough from their business to repay the loan. These days, because of rules brought in almost two years ago by the regulator of the country’s chartered […]

Canadians can still buy a house without saving their pennies – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

It would seem that regulators want to dissuade Canadians from buying homes with nothing down. Yet despite all of the recent changes, buyers can still get into the real estate market with little cash on hand. Ottawa did away with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp .-insured 100 per cent financing back in 2008. Home buyers with few […]

Mortgages and loans – harder for the self-employed?

NANCY CARR Special to The Globe and Mai Published Monday, Oct. 01 2012, 12:10 PM EDT As a self-employed website developer who had recently restructured his business, Greg Schmidt knew that refinancing his mortgage wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. “I had a little bit of a line of credit built up from shifting the […]

Desjardins to join forces with Meridian

A tentative deal has been struck to create a potential credit union powerhouse in Ontario with the amalgamation of Desjardins and Meridian credit unions. The Boards of Directors of Desjardins Credit Union and Meridian Credit Union have agreed to amalgamate their respective organizations in order to create a credit union in Ontario with 263,000 Members […]

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