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Friday, January 24th, 2020

Using a HELOC as a 2nd Mortgage – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Using a HELOC as a 2nd Mortgage What is a HELOC and how can you use it as a 2nd mortgage? What are the pros and cons of using a HELOC? This article will give a better understanding of how and whether you might want to apply for a HELOC. The term HELOC simply means […]

Smith Maneuver on Death Row? – find out more from a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Smith Maneuver on Death Row? Many Canadians utilize leverage within their investing strategies; users of such strategies number into the tens of thousands. Among these techniques we find tactics like the Smith Maneuver. Such leveraged techniques (sometimes involving home equity lines of credit) can magnify gains and allow intelligent investors to pay off their Vancouver home mortgages much […]

The perils of home buying without a rainy-day fund

Few people would walk even a 10-foot-high tightrope without a net. Even with a reward, the fall wouldn’t be worth it if something went wrong. Yet people who buy homes without access to emergency funds are walking a figurative tightrope every day. When you get a mortgage with no savings, the unforeseen is your enemy. […]

Hows your Mortgage War Chest?

Hows your Mortgage War Chest? Would you walk a tightrope without a net? Skydive without a quality parachute? Rock climb without a harness? Then why do so many people go into a mortgage without emergency funds? Any honest mortgage broker will tell you this is a bad idea. It’s a metaphorical extreme sport if you […]

How to Take Advantage of Readvanceable Mortgages

How to Take Advantage of Readvanceable Mortgages Back in the year 1999, Warner Bros. released a motion picture called, “The Matrix”. The film proceeded to meet critical acclaim for being innovative and forward thinking. It was a game changer as far as filming style was concerned. If you’ll bear with me for a minute, there […]

Six questions you should ask before adding more debt

ROMA LUCIW – Globe and Mail Update Catherine and her husbandtapped into their first home equity line of credit 15 years ago, when they needed $30,000 to buy a car. The rate on the line of credit was attractive and, having been mortgage-free for a decade, the Thornhill couple figured it would be a quick and easy […]

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