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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Breaking Down Debt: How 4 Different Loans Affect Your Mortgage-Worthiness

Want to get a new mortgage? Then, your credit score is a really big deal — it can make or break your mortgage payments, and ultimately determine whether or not you get the house you want. But before we talk about credit scores, let’s talk about the debt that affects them. There are two types […]

Paying down debt Canadians’ main focus in 2013: poll

Canadians appear less concerned about retirement planning than in years past as they continue to focus on debt reduction as their main financial priority, according to a new study released Wednesday by CIBC. Over all, the poll done for the bank by Harris/Decima showed 17 per cent of respondents selected debt reduction as their main […]

Consumers rein in debt burden, but housing ‘overshooting’: CIBC

Canadians consumers are reining in their debt burdens amid repeated warnings on household borrowing from Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and other policy makers. The growth of consumer debt has eased as of March, rising at the slowest pace since 2002, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CM-T70.03-0.63-0.89%) said Wednesday. “For the first time in more than a […]

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