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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Toronto Real Estate Board seeks to prevent judge from hearing competition case

toronto-housing-marketTORONTO — The Toronto Real Estate Board is seeking to remove a Federal Court judge who is hearing the Competition Bureau’s challenge of a board policy against the online publication of house sale data.

A lawyer for the real estate board says Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton was involved in a similar case more than a decade ago while he was a lawyer, and that there could be a perception that he is biased.

The motion has stalled a drawn-out battle over the board’s refusal to publish the data online.
The real estate board has argued the privacy of home buyers and sellers would be invaded if the data was published.

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The Competition Bureau has argued that the board’s restrictions make it more challenging to make real estate transactions without hiring a real estate agent.

The case is expected to have reverberations throughout the country, and could affect how other Canadian real estate boards provide services to their customers online.

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