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Friday, April 12th, 2024

Re-Model the Master Bathroom into a Spa – From your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Re-Model the Master Bathroom into a Spa – From your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Re-Model the Master Bathroom into a Spa – From your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Re-Model the Master Bathroom into a Spa – From your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

You can spend a lot of money and get those extra high-tech touches, or keep it low key if you happen to be on a tight budget. It’s whatever you can afford to spend.

Here are few design tips to consider for turning your master bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Add Some Dimming Lights

This is a cheap investment and a kit generally costs less than $20 dollars, but being able to adjust the lights can make all the difference.

Add a New Shower Head

You’d be surprised at some of the technology that has been incorporated into shower heads these days. It’s worthwhile to invest in the higher price models because you want something that is constructed well and lasts.

A really good shower head can allow you to adjust the water flow substantially. They can give you an effect like a gentle rainfall on a warm summer day, or a good soothing massage of water to wash away those painful stress knots in your neck and shoulders.

You can also get systems which have body sprays which are built into the walls.

Consider a Steam Shower

These are more expensive but you can enjoy a soothing steam bath anytime you choose. Steam is great for the skin and is said to have many other beneficial health effects.

Install a Proper Soaking Tub

Many new tubs are just too cramped and small to really enjoy a good soak. And, there are an abundance of models that come with some really fantastic spa-like features.

Freestanding tubs have become very popular of late. They have the added benefit that they can also free up space in your master bathroom. Get yourself an extra deep tub and something long enough that you can stretch out in and relax properly. Or, you can get a tub that can comfortably have room for the two of you.

Alternatively you can also find a hydrotherapy tub which encases you in oxygen rich bubbles while massaging you with water jets. This type of tub keeps the bath water warm at the same time so you don’t have to fiddle with emptying and adding more hot water

You can also really go all out and buy a really high tech toilet. Don’t laugh because some of these come with a deodorizer, a heated seat, an air dryer and even with feet warming features. You can also consider installing a bidet.

Add a Television or Some Music

This is an idea inspired by some of the leading luxury hotels. Don’t balk because you can buy mirror waterproof televisions especially designed for use in bathrooms. Now, you’re really getting decadent, but go ahead and pamper yourself.

There are sound systems also especially designed for use in the bathroom so you can enjoy favourite tunes while you soak away your cares.

Other Design Tips

You can also radically enhance the décor simply by adding some fancy faucets, a new sink, a stylish vanity, a thick towel mat, some fancy soaps to add some scent, and some really extra soft towels so you can easily transform your master bathroom into a spa.

Remodelling your master bathroom will be very appealing to prospective buyers, and you can take it from your Vancouver mortgage broker that upgrading your master bathroom can also be a good return on your investment when you go to sell your home. 


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