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Friday, April 19th, 2024

Pest Control Tips – From your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Pest Control Tips – From your  Vancouver Mortgage Broker

CACHED_334530-990-1000Vancouver, as all of you who live here well know, has the best of three worlds. This includes our beautiful ocean, a sophisticated and thriving metropolis, and the spectacular vista of some of the most awesome natural scenery and wildlife available.

One problem that this Vancouver mortgage broker knows about is that nature sometimes likes to make itself comfortable in or about our homes. We call the provocateurs of this form of home invasion pests.

Unfortunately, the local Vancouver pests that sometimes plague our peaceful abodes are also plentiful. Some are just nuisances but other can pose a serious health risk.

The most common pests encountered in Vancouver include rats, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ants, wasps and their kin, plus those adorable but pesky racoons and an occasional visit by a bear.

There are two approaches when dealing with pests. The first is to ensure you do everything reasonable to prevent them from happening. The second approach is to immediately be proactive in dealing with the problem before it escalates and gets out of hand. No matter how vigilant you try to be, you can still get invaded by pests despite your best intentions to prevent them.

The Top Three Worst Pests

If you ave problems with rats, cockroaches or Pharaoh ants, you have a serious problem. All three of these pests can cause you serious health problems. All three of these pests have the potential to spread disease. Let’s take a brief look at them in more detail.

  • Rats – Vancouver has two main types of rats. This includes the Norwegian rat and Roof Rats. The Norwegian rat is about 7- 10 inches long, has a thick or heavy build and is gray or brownish in colour. The Roof rat averages 6.5 – 8 inches in size and is generally black in colour. Norwegian rats like to borrow whole Roof rats like to climb. Rats can easily squeeze into an opening as small as ½ inch. They can also enter through the sewer lines. If you have one rat in your home, you are sure to eventually have more. They also go into heat every 4-5 days.
  • Cockroaches – These pests have the potential to spread all types of diseases. They are generally introduced to a home from the outside. They are nocturnal and extremely prolific. If you’re not sure what a cockroach looks like then you should know they are pale brown and oval shaped with a flattened body. Cockroaches are pale brown in colour, and have two dark stripes on their head with large antennae. To determine how serious your problem, set up some ‘Roach Motels’ and see how many you will capture.
  • Pharaoh Ants – Pharaoh ants are particularly dangerous because they can also spread disease. Their colonies are well hidden and very resilient, usually near moist areas, and they can spread their colonies throughout the home. Pharaoh ants area bout 1/12 inch long and are light yellow or golden red in colour.

If you have any of these pests, you would be wise to contact a licensed pest control company, as simple sprays and traps may do more harm than good.

Other pests that can cause irritations and discomfort are fleas and bedbugs. These pests along with silverfish can multiply rapidly and increase the problem. Before running off to your local hardware store to buy pest repellent, you would be wise to some research on the type of pest you have and consider hiring a professional.

This Vancouver mortgage broker knows that you would all prefer to keep nature outside, but when it invades your home then you need to take action before the problem gets worst.



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