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Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

How to Clean you Outdoor Siding – from your Vancouver Mortgage Broker

How to Clean you Outdoor Siding – from your Friendly Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Vancouver Mortgage BrokerMany homes these days have siding on them. When siding is first installed it most certainly makes your home appear pristine and fresh. However, over time siding falls prey to the elements and can experience some fading.

Also, our homes can become tarnished by common smog and grit which is a natural affliction found in any large city like Vancouver. And, since we also tend to experience some of that wet stuff from time to time, some areas of our siding can be affected by mould.

Like anything, your siding needs some tender loving care and should be cleaned from time to time. And, as a Vancouver mortgage broker, we can tell you that if you happen to  be selling your home, you want to give your home its best possible curb appeal by sprucing it up. Buyers notice these little details.

Although some homes have wood and most often cedar, this article is actually focusing on either aluminum or the more popular vinyl siding.

There are professionals whom you can hire to this for you if you have the cash to spend, but if you are a DIY type, here are a few handy tips to do the job yourself.

You will need perform some prep work first. Since you may be using cleansers which have chemicals in them, you will want to cover up your nearby plants with plastic. Be careful with the plants though, and especially if it’s very hot outside because if they are covered too long, you could end up killing them, so pick your project day carefully.

You will also need to close all windows and doors, and make sure there the power is turned off to outside outlets. Move any items such as toys or any equipment which might be damaged by water. Make sure you cover any metal or etched glass which could be damaged.

If you have areas where you’re not sure if it’s mould or dirt, then simply apply a single drop of bleach. If it turns white, then it’s mould.

Siding should ideally be cleaned at least once every couple of years. When cleaning siding you want to do clean it in chunks. And, you want to rinse frequently to avoid streaking. If you clean a half or whole side before you rinse, especially if it’s a hot day, you’re going to have to re-do the job because of the streaks.

Use a hose to give it a good rinse before you start to loosen debris. Power washers may not be the most ideal tool to use as you can damage the siding, even cause holes. If you use a power washer, make sure it has the wide angle attachment.

The best approach is to use a soft bristle brush, combined with a sponge mop and even an old broom. You will also need one or more large buckets for the detergent mix and you will need an extension pole to reach higher up. If you use a ladder then make sure you have a second person there to secure the ladder.

You should remove the mould first using a bleach mixture or something like ‘Clorox Pro’ which is pre-mixed. Rinse frequently and especially give the ground area underneath a good rinsing to dilute the mixture. Wear rubber clothes, eye protectors, a hat and old clothes when using any product containing bleach.

For the cleansing soap, you would be best advised to use a product which is eco friendly, phosphate free, or something like Trisodium Phosphate can also be used in place of the laundry detergent. There are also other products such as Vinyl Renu which work quite well.

The second biggest tip is to work fast and remember to ‘Rinse! Rinse! Rinse! Take it from your friendly Vancouver mortgage broker that a well maintained home is a home that will sell quickly.

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