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Wednesday, April 24th, 2024

Use a 2nd Mortgage to Re-Design your Vancouver Home Kitchen

Use a 2nd Mortgage to Re-Design your Vancouver Home Kitchen

The kitchen is a gathering place for many Vancouver families. It is a place of natural warmth and often carries the tantalizing aroma of a tasty meal simmering on the stove. It is a place of memories and is often the showcase of your home when you’re going to sell or looking to buy.

Your kitchen is important, but like every other thing in the world the kitchen can also become dated over time. This is especially true if you’ve lived there awhile or if it’s an older home that hasn’t seen much in the way of renovations.

Maybe now is the best time to consider spending a bit of money and make your kitchen shine. This can be especially crucial if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next little while.

Make no mistake, redesigning and remodelling a kitchen is a very expensive project, but with the help of a 2nd mortgage, you can not only comfortably finance the project but you can also reap the benefit of a positive return on your investment. A well conceived and upgraded kitchen adds value to house so in the end you will very likely make back most of the money you spend when you sell your home.

How can your Kitchen be Improved?

Where do you start? This is a project that takes a bit of planning and research before you start. The style you choose should mesh with the home. It should also reflect the needs of people today who live busy lives and like the advantages of new conveniences. Kitchens come in many style from rustic to space age modern.

The amount of space your kitchen takes up will also influence the approach you want to take. Ask yourself how you would view your kitchen from the perspective of a buyer who has never seen your kitchen before. You are already well aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of your kitchen because nobody knows the limitations of your kitchen space better than you.

Consider things like how much counter space you have, and whether the cupboards are sufficient. The ideal design is a sort of triangle approach to cooking where you can manoeuvre easily fro accessing you two main appliances and the work space. However, there are a number of floor designs you can choose which can complement your space.

Also, if you’ve just moved into your home you have a bit more flexibility to choose something that better suits your personal needs and tastes.

You can perform a lot of your research online to get a better idea of styles and designs that are available. Of course it also depends on how much your plan to spend and on you budget. Either way, you may be able to easily finance your Vancouverkitchen project with a 2nd mortgage.


Start with Choosing a Kitchen Floor Plan

I talked earlier about the triangle approach in how a kitchen is most efficiently used. This is an area that has actually been studied quite intensely by kitchen design experts. When you’re working in the kitchen there is a natural path which occurs between the fridge, oven and your sink. This path is vital to creating an efficient and functional kitchen.

As kitchens have a variety of shapes, you don’t have to worry if the sides of your kitchen aren’t equal. Don’t worry about the styles you want for the cupboards or material for the countertop just yet because that will all fall into place once you establish your floor design. You don’t want to re-do the thing and spend extra money because the floor design wasn’t just right.

You will also have to give serious thought to where you want the appliances and what appliances you want incorporated. Another important thing to keep in the mind is your electrical outlets. You will be using outlets for a variety of smaller appliances, in addition to your major appliances so you want to make sure you don’t neglect this very important kitchen feature.

Select you the Kitchen Shape

Kitchen hen shapes come in four basic designs and are suitable for the vast majority of homes which can be found inVancouver. These shapes break down as:

  • U-Shaped Kitchen Design – This design is composed of 2 legs which are equal in their length where the stove and fridge are opposite to each other. It also usually has a third major appliance located at an equal distance from the two major appliances.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen Design – Here, two of the three major appliances are usually focused on the long length of L-shaped kitchen with the third major appliance being placed in the short length.
  • G-Shaped Kitchen Design – You have the option with this design to use either of the above scenarios, but you also have the additional use of a peninsula which is often used as a separate nook or area to separate your kitchen work space from a  main dining room area or living space. It is often used as a sort of breakfast nook.
  • Galley Style Kitchen design – This design is also often referred to a ‘corridor’ kitchen style and is often employed for kitchens that are very small in size. Generally, you have a fridge on one wall while the sink and stove are located on the opposite side. There is a small walkway in between. This style is often used in apartments or condominiums.

Last Steps

Next you want to carefully choose someone to design and construct your kitchen. You also have to select the style, and the materials for cupboards and countertop that you want to incorporate for the finishing touches.

Have fun with your kitchen re-design and if you need help with a 2nd mortgage, then that’s what I do and can help you find the most competitive rates to get the job done the way you envision it.



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