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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

A Side Effect of Rate Warnings – Consult with Adil Virani, Vancouver Mortgage Broker

“The longer it (low interest rates) goes on, the more people can start to think this is normal and it’s not normal; it’s very, very far from normal.”— Julie Dickson, OSFI Superintendent, Sept. 23, 2013 via When people hear an authority—like the head of Canada’s banking regulator—make these statements, it compels many to lock in […]

U.S. and Canada are altering the way housing finance works so taxpayers aren’t stuck bearing the brunt of risks

Canada and the United States are both contemplating changes to the way we finance housing Last Wednesday Scotiabank sold the first Canadian bonds backed by consumer lines of credit in 12 years. The highly rated issue sold at market, according to a Bloomberg report, at an impressive 78 basis points over similar-term Canadian government bonds. […]

Taxpayer-free housing finance change coming to Canada – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Finn Poschmann, Special to Financial Post  The Bank of Nova Scotia, a few days ago, received permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission to market to U.S. retail investors what are known as covered bonds. In pursuing SEC approval for market access, Scotia was following a trail blazed by the Royal Bank of Canada; market […]

4 easy ways to reduce your mortgage costs – Ask a Vancouver Mortgage Broker

When it comes to saving on your mortgage, making pre-payments and shopping around at renewal time are good ideas By: Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew Personal Finance writer The Georges live in a two-bedroom condo across from High Park. In the next couple of years, they hope to buy a house west of Toronto. They plan to use the […]

10 Quick Quotes from CAAMP’s Econ Panel

10 Quick Quotes from CAAMP’s Econ Panel This year’s CAAMP economic roundtable in Vancouver included chief economists from Scotiabank (Warren Jestin), National Bank (Stephane Marion) and Laurentian Bank (Carlos Leitao). Most of their discussion revolved around risk in some way or another. Here’s a quick rundown of 10 comments they made that stuck out: “The biggest risk […]

Cashback Down Payments set to meet their Maker- See A Trusted Mortgage Broker

Cashback Down Payments set to meet their Maker New information suggests that mortgages with cashback down payments could go the way of the dodo, or Yanghzee pink river dolphin if you will. Just about every trusted mortgage broker in Vancouver has been advising against cashback mortgages for some time, but only in the last few years has […]

34, mortgage and debt free: Here’s how

Over the past 18 months Moneyville has followed my early retirement journey which started as a dream to retire when I was 45. I’ve been working hard over the past few years to make the dream come true and I’ve managed to bring the target down to Freedom 42, just eight years from now. I’m […]

ING Sold to Scotia – current customers with low mortgage rates should remain unaffected.

  ING Sold toScotia This shouldn’t come as a shock to spectators of the mortgage market, but ING Direct now has a buyer. If everything falls into place, Scotia Bank will buy ING Direct to the tune of $3.1 billion. Note that current customers with low mortgage rates should remain unaffected. Obviously, the deal must […]

ING Direct Canada May be Sold- What will happen to Vancouver Home Mortgages Underwritten by ING?

ING Direct Canada May be Sold According to some sources, ING Direct Canada (ING), the top ranking online bank brand in the country may be up for sale. The question for many people in British Columbia has become, what will happen to Vancouver home mortgages underwritten by ING? This potential sale is not due to […]

Condos drive Canada’s housing start surge

Canada’s condo building frenzy showed no sign of abating last month, as housing starts surged to their highest level since 2007. While some analysts had predicted housing starts would weaken after a particularly strong March, starts in April rose to an annualized rate of 244,900, readily beating predictions of 204,000 made by most economists.   […]

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