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Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Flaherty’s budget gets ‘C’ grade from 57% of business community, survey says

flaherty-federal-budget-2013OTTAWA • The Conservative government’s Budget 2013 barely eked out a passing grade from Canada’s business operators, according to an Ernst & Young survey. The poll found 57% of respondents thought the document deserved a “C” grade at best, while 43% gave it a “B” or slightly higher.

“Not unlike the Canadian political scene itself, the response to the budget was somewhat polarized,” said Ernst & Young’s Gary Zed.

inance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget, released March 21, garnered 44% backing from those who believe it would stimulate jobs and moderate growth. But only 1% said it would provide a strong stimulus.

In contrast, 46% did not think measures in the budget would “drive results in these still-struggling areas,” Ernst & Young said.

And while 36% believe the budget struck the right balance between stimulating the economy and reducing government expenditures, 38% disagreed with that view. Others were split between the “strongly agreed” and “strongly disagreed” camps.


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