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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Basic Vancouver Home Security Tips – From your Friendly Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Basic Vancouver Home Security Tips – From your Friendly Vancouver Mortgage Broker

There’s nothing worst than finding out your home has been robbed or something you value has been stolen from your home. It’s an unfortunate fact of life here in the big city of Vancouver, but take it from a Vancouver mortgage broker, there’s lot you can do to prevent this type of tragedy from happening.

Did you know that almost 60% of home thefts are actually ‘crimes of opportunity’? This means they aren’t planned, and simply occur because the opportunity to steal something presents itself in the moment. It’s too good to pass up.

Most thieves spend less than 8 minutes when they are ransacking a home and can steal thousands of dollars in that short little time span. They just walk or climb in, and help themselves to all your valuables.

You know one of the big reasons why theft occur? People leave their doors or windows open when they aren’t around. It’s hard to believe but that is one of the biggest reasons why people experience a theft. All they had to do was lock that door or and lock that window.

The same goes with the garage door. People leave those open all the time. While you’re pushing the lawn mower to the back of the house, your power tools or mountain bike is disappearing out the front. It happens just like that.

And, if you think you’re being clever by hiding your valuables in the sock drawer or stuffed in your shoes in the closet, think again. These guys know all the hidey holes because everybody does the same thing. And, if it’s out in the open and there to grab – it’s gone!

Home security safes don’t have to be expensive, but they can save you a lot of grief, especially when it comes to your valuables. You can buy some very cheap hidden safes that come disguised as everyday products ranging from book safes to some that look like household cleaners. The point is that if you have valuables, be creative in where you stash them.

A lot of people have relatively good deadbolt locks on their front doors, but you should have them for all your doors, including the garage door that connects to your home. There are also a lot different types of window locks that you can buy as well.

And, make sure your basement windows are well secured with either security bars, or are nailed shut. Mind you, keep in mind your personal security when doing this because windows are also an important exit in case of a fire.

One of the easiest areas to break into a home is through your sliding doors. They can be pried and lifted off the track, or the lock forced open. A simple metal rod or dowel will hold the door in place white a few strategically placed flathead screws can prevent the door from being lifted off the track.

Good security should also be applied to your outbuildings such as your storage shed. You might want to consider adding some bars to the inside of your garage windows if you keep valuable tools and personal objects stored away. You can also get interior locks for your garage door.


There are some relatively inexpensive security systems which you can buy on the market these days. It could be something as simple as a motion light sensor, or a more elaborate plug and play alarm system. And, if you have the bucks, you might even want to investigate some of the local security companies that can do all this for you.

Take it from yourVancouvermortgage broker – you want to feel safe in your home and protect your valuables and keepsakes. A lot of your home security is just common sense, but there are plenty of gadgets available that can make your home even safer.




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