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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Canada among 7 best housing markets in the world

While much of the world is seeing home prices depreciate, there are a few countries where home prices Vancouver Trusted Mortgage Brokerare on the rise.Canada ranked among Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong in the top 7 housing markets.

Global Property Guide’s latest report shows, however, that even the strongest housing markets are losing momentum as the economy falters.

Of the 39 countries tracked by GPG quarterly house prices fell in 25 countries and climbed in just 13.


We published the worst housing markets Tuesday, and today we’ve highlighted the 7 best housing markets in the world, based on year-over-year home price changes.

Canada ranked among Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong in the top 7.

Home prices in Canada were up 4.06% YoY and 1.59% QoQ in Q2 2012

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Note: All charts show year-over-year home price changes for each country, and all data is on inflation-adjusted terms.

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